For Non Profits

Students Rising Above (SRA) is an award-winning nonprofit organization in San Francisco that sends low-income, first-generation college students to four-year colleges and universities. 90% of SRA students graduate from college. Since 1998, SRA has helped nearly 600 students graduate from a four-year college.

For the past 6 years at their annual awards dinner, they have proudly presented Glimmers shining gold star featuring their logo  to all the special  "star" people who attend this event.

Our soft foam light up 3" balls

make perfect place holders for every kind of party.  Simply insert a toothpick and make the name card from a  small white label.  Add a gold star sticker  for that extra special touch.  After all, every guest is a special star!  New 3" balls from Glimmers have 5 steady light modes with NO blinking!  #1 red, green and blue  LED's slowly fade into each other creating a rainbow of beautiful colors #2 red consent on  #3 green constant on #4 blue constant on #5 white