3 Light-up

Individually packaged.  Perfect for parties and people!  Soft 3" foam balls.  

5 light up steady modes.  No blinking!  #1 mode:  red, green and blue LED's slowly fade into each other creating a rainbow of beautiful colors.  #2 - red constant on   #3 green constant on #4 blue constant one #5 white constant on.  Add ribbons or sequins to make a unique and creative statement.

Buy them in bulk and let the party begin! Here are just a few ideas:

* Table and Room Decor

* Parties–no matter how big or small

* Outside lawn

* Put in bowls

* Hang from lattice

* Children's party/crafting activity


Contact us for bulk wholesale pricing 650-578-8276  glimmersinc@gmail.com 

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