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Want your cause to really shine? Start fundraising with Glimmers one-of-a-kind light up sparkling stars! Or use them at awards/recognition events. Everyone loves being a star! 

Sell individually in organza bags or in gift wrapped tubes of 4 stars.

Wear as necklaces on all charity walks.

(For Charity walks, Special Events or Holidays) 

Here's proof on what fun they are. 

“Very cool, “fun” and “creative” were the words most often used for the light up stars worn by the “ALL STARS” team for an Apres Ski Fundraising Party, following a downhill charity race (the AVSC Ajax Cup) in Aspen, Colorado.  Ten teams vied for first place in the Party Team category - and the ALL STARS won.  Captain Alexandra Phillips said the light up stars inspired their team’s name and were definitely the key to them securing the gold ski boot trophy.  All eight team members wore black and then lit themselves up with sparkling stars.   Glimmers waterproof stars were dropped into their drinks and Glimmers silver clip on stars adorned their lanyards and shirts.  The stars were such a hit that other party goers asked if they could wear them for the rest of the party.  “You might say we were the true shining stars of the evening” exclaims Phillips.

Clip on star in organza bag
New gift wrapped for our popular and exclusive clip on stars. NEW!  Gift wrap presentation - see below.  Stars available in gold or silver.







Indoor/outdoor 9” star - silver

Comes with two 8” rods and a connector.  Star can be featured as a centerpiece, in plant arrangements, on a mantle, tree or set on a table with a base which you can easily decorate with a garland or leaves.  Base is extra.  Our 9" star lasts a lifetime!  Just replace AA batteries when lights go dim (about 20 hours).







Perfect for Award/Recognition events!!

Sales for Schools, churches, non profit organizations will definitely brighten when you sell these one-of-a-kind stars.

Star Lites.  Patent Pending.  Clear 2" x 2" stars with  three white twinkling lights. 
Sell individually as necklaces, in tubes of 4, or in organza bags with card attached that tells of their many uses.

* Scatter on tables -
* Drop in drinks - waterproof; FDA approved  
* Wear as necklaces (ribbon and screw eyes provided) - ideal for fundraising walks; holiday night light festivals  (zoos;   gardens; boat marinas)  

* float in punch bowls or any water feature like a pool, hot tub or bird path 
* Use with rods in flowers - 
* Use with round toothpicks (break off tip) to dress up cupcakes and all special desserts

Clip On Stars   - Elegant and Fun!

Designed and produced by Glimmers.

2” x 2”   Available in gold and silver.  Feature three white randomly twinkling lights  Come with replaceable batteries already installed.  Lights last 100+ hours.   Alligator clip on back.

Packaged in silver and gold organza bags with a card attached that tells the many ways to use them.

* Wear it (clipped to a necklace, hair, scarf or collar)

* Use it for parties (clipped to place cards, flowers, napkins)

* Give it to all the stars in your lives

Network Marketing

You automatically receive 5% of another organization’s gross sales if they come to us because of you.

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